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What is Leptoon?

Leptoon stands for natural solutions, products and technology. In our explanatory video we show in a simple way what we do.

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What does the water converter?

The Leptoon Water Converter changes the structure of tap water in such a way that its taste and sensory perception is softer, fresher and more natural. In our explanation video we show in a simple way what we do.

Popular question

Can you drink yourself healthy?

Everyone knows that water is essential for mental performance and physical health. Nevertheless, most people drink too little and are constantly in a state of slight dehydration called "dehydration". Often the person simply lacks the feeling of thirst. With the transformed water of Leptoon, it takes on a new quality that automatically encourages people to drink more.

Other questions

  • Does the water converter consume electricity?

The construction of the apparatus is designed in such a way that it does not require a power source (batteries, accumulators or power supply unit) to generate the zero point field. Therefore, there are no additional costs for maintenance or operation of the water converter.


  • Can I simply return the water converter if I do not like it?

If you don't like the product you bought or if you don't like it for other reasons, you can use your legal right of withdrawal within 14 days without giving reasons. For further information see Return and Complaint.