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Water is a life elixir

We need enough water every day to keep our body healthy. The body absorbs water directly through drinks, food and through the skin.

Our drinking water is pumped through miles of pipelines. This type of transport does not correspond to the original nature of water.

As a result, the water loses the information of its natural structure - it becomes distorted. This has an effect on the minerals dissolved in the water and thus on the taste and sensory characteristics of the water.

In the documentary "WATER - The secret power of water" at minute 16:45 you can see a good contribution to the topic "water distortion" (see video).

What is the converter doing?

The Leptoon Water Converter is a device for restructuring the distorted stored information back to the original state of drinking water (primarily tap water) and other liquids (wine, juices, milk, etc.).

This is done in ZERO time with ZERO energy. From a usual tap water quality a spring water quality is generated.

All information of the water flowing through is transformed, so to speak back to the original information level (restored). Comparable to a data restoration at the computer, from a mirrored source file.

The result: the water tastes fresher and is perceived as softer, rounder and more natural.

In the case of carbonated beverages such as beer, lemonade or cola, the leptoon water converter realizes a contrary effect in real time, since a large part of the carbon dioxide from the liquid is immediately converted into oxygen. The drink tastes stale in succession. If you prefer carbonic acid in your water, you can of course bubble it up with carbonic acid after the conversion.

We always recommend the neutral and carbonic acid-free consumption of water. Buy now

Visible structural changes

We evaporated normal tap water and restructured tap water in the converter and photographed both results for you. Water has its taste primarily through the minerals dissolved in it. The transducer harmonizes the information structure of the water and its minerals.

Normal tap water

Normal tap water

The mineral deposits show a chaotic structure after evaporation of the water.
Restructured tap water

Restructured tap water

The Leptoon water converter gives your tap water back its natural structure. You can clearly see the crystalline form.

Water springs from pure consciousness and is a living, changeable information carrier.

What is a zero point field?

The zero-point field is a neutral field (charge-neutral), which acts free of any judgement and evaluation on the information level. In classical particle physics, electrically charged particles are assumed. Here, we work with (thought) constructs of atoms and molecules, which describe how a structure can be created or changed with differently charged particles.

Various influences during the purification and transport of water cause a change in the natural structure. Through the zero piont field this structure is reset to its original state. The field thus directs all the elements it contains to a harmonious interplay.

The adjacent graphic shows symbolically the field lines of a zero point field. On the information level the positive and negative charges are transferred to neutrality. The IN-FORM-ATION is located as a field beyond the visible element water.

Nullpunktfeld mit  Leptoon Wasserwandler

What does the water converter not?

It does not change the drinking water base. We do not add any additional substances and do not filter any out. If you want to free the water from suspended matter, an external filter system is useful. We do not question the drinking water quality in Germany.