Anwendungen des nullpunkwandlers

Next to electricity, water is the most used commodity in our lives, and almost everything we use either contains water directly or has been used to produce it. Without water there would be no plants. Water revitalizes, dissolves, purifies and refreshes.

We humans use tap water in our daily lives for a wide variety of applications:

as drinking waterfor cooking and baking
for preparing baby food
for cleaning the body and hair
for watering flowers and the garden
for washing laundryfor cleaning windows and surfaces etc.

Restructuring of drinking water

Restructuring of drinking water

More and more people want to do without the purchase and transport of bottled drinking water and are looking for a suitable solution to optimize the taste and sensory qualities of their tap water.

Tap water has a long way to go until it comes out of the faucet at your place of consumption. It is exposed to extreme pressure conditions and unnatural turbulence, e.g. from pumps and pipes at a 90° angle, which distorts and destroys its natural structure. The minerals dissolved in the water are also structurally changed and "roughened".

With the Leptoon water converter, these unnatural distortions in tap water can be neutralized directly at the information level back to their origin. Among other things, this conversion changes the taste and the softness of the water that can be felt when drinking it. It tastes fresher and more alive - simply delicious.

Plant watering

Plant watering

The irrigation of young plants in nurseries is still done in the classical way with normal rainwater. We selected this irrigation case for our observation in order to obtain a comprehensible and clear result. 

One part of the plants were watered with normal rainwater from cutting to young plant, the other part was watered with our transformed water.

After a few days, the plants that were watered with the restructured lepton water showed a 4-5 days faster root growth. Furthermore, the plants made a much stronger impression in structure and density.

We are currently conducting a field trial with a large nursery in the Lower Rhine area. We will report about the results.

Prevention of aggressive lime residues

Prevention of aggressive lime residues

Cleaning of bathroom and kitchen

Our tap water has lost its natural properties due to twisted pipe systems and extreme pressure conditions. Especially in kitchen and bathroom many people know the hard and aggressive mineral deposits (lime stains) in shower cabins and on tiles. These annoying residues can often only be removed with highly aggressive cleaning agents.

The Leptoon water converter also creates added value at this point.

The water that flows through it is equalized - it becomes noticeably softer and leaves only slightly adhering mineral deposits, which can simply be wiped off with cold clear water without any chemical agents. It is comparable with rainwater.

Protection against lime build-up in water-bearing equipment

The transformed and restructured water prevents the aggressive adhesion of lime even in all water-bearing appliances in the household, such as taps, shower heads, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, aquariums, kettles, etc. The lime is not absorbed or filtered. It changes its structure through the zero point field and therefore adheres less.